Sam Lloyd new Chief Information Officer at Telenet

Monday, January 25, 2016 —

Veenod Kurup moves to Liberty Global as MD and CIO

Veenod Kurup, Chief Information Officer, is leaving Telenet. Veenod was part of the Senior Leadership Team and reported directly to CEO, John Porter. He wants to share the experience which he has built up with the Telenet IT department within Liberty Global as MD and CIO. Veenod will be succeeded by Sam Lloyd. As of 1 March, she will lead the IT department and be part of the Senior Leadership Team.

Veenod Kurup has led the Telenet IT department since May 2013. Veenod will be sharing his experience with Liberty Global, where he will concentrate on the IT strategy of the European offices as MD and CIO.

John Porter, CEO of Telenet, says: 'I'd like to thank Veenod for his help in making our IT department even more professional. His affinity with telecommunication, his vast technological knowledge, strategic vision, and strong leadership qualities have made him an outstanding CIO. At the same time, we welcome Sam Lloyd, whose strong management skills and experience at Virgin Media will make her a worthy successor. Her arrival means that from now on, the senior leadership team will count as much women as men, and that will contribute to diversity within our company.'

As of 1 March 2016, Veenod's role will be taken over by Sam (Samantha) Lloyd from Britain. As CIO, Sam will be part of the management and will report directly to CEO, John Porter. Sam Lloyd has experience in implementing technological changes in large telecom and media companies. She's moving from Virgin Media, where, as director of technology, development, and delivery, she led a team of 650 internal and external employees. Sam Lloyd has a vast product knowledge and is passionate about developing an IT service with a strong client focus. Last year, Sam saw off strong competition to achieve a Silver award in the 'Woman of the Year - Technology' category of the American Business Awards.

After her studies, she obtained an Administrative Management BA at the University of Humberside. She is an experienced traveller and her interests include photography, writing, hiking, and cooking.