Telenet responds to increased data usage and adapts several products

  • WIGO: an even better overall experience for customers
  • Basic cable internet subscription to become faster
  • King & Kong adapted to trends in the mobile market

Friday, June 23, 2017 One year ago, Telenet launched WIGO, the first full-fledged all-in package for a household or company. At the time, the emphasis was on unlimited national calls (fixed and mobile) and a new way of working with a shared “data bundle”. Since then, 188,600 customers signed up for a WIGO subscription.

WIGO: exceeding your bundle’s quota is no longer possible

Telenet improves the overall customer experience even more. The principle of a shared data bundle for the entire family is enhanced among others. From now, family members no longer have to divide the data bundle beforehand by the gigabyte. All the family members now use data from the same bundle. Is one of the users too greedy? Then the head of the family can put that user “on hold” after receiving a warning.

To ensure that WIGO works smoothly, a profile must be created for every user in the family. You can also assign who should receive any warnings about excessive data usage and when. Users can now easily monitor their data usage anywhere and any time with the new Telenet Mobile app.  

What’s more, you can no longer exceed your bundle’s quota for the services included in the WIGO package. So you always know exactly how much your bill will be every month.

The new package also broke down the boundaries between fixed and mobile services. We are continually communicating with each other and watching a massive amount of videos, without differentiating behind the underlying technology or device. Data usage is constantly increasing, year after year and Telenet is responding to this trend with WIGO. That is why the telecom provider will increase the data volume for no additional charge as of 26 June: WIGO 100 will be upped from 2 to 3 GB, WIGO 120 from 5 to 10 GB and WIGO 140 from 10 GB to 15 GB.

Also for B2B-products the data volume will increase for no additional charge: WIGO Business 100 will be upped from 4 to 5 GB, WIGO Business 120 from 10 to 15 GB and WIGO 140 from 15 GB to 25 GB. There will also be a new WIGO Business Pro 50 GB with maximum 10 SIM-cards

The new and improved WIGO is available from 26 June. Current WIGO customers will receive an invitation to switch.

Faster Basic Internet
Telenet will increase the speed of its Basic Internet, the entry level cable internet package. From Monday 26 June, customers will enjoy connection speeds of 50 instead of 30 mbps. The upload speed will rise to 5 mbps. The volume will remain the same, i.e., 150 GB.

King & Kong adapted
Telenet is also keeping tabs on the latest evolutions in the mobile market. The company is returning to the simplicity of the original King & Kong concept, i.e., 2 straightforward plans (“lots” and “ridiculous amounts”) at affordable price points. From now on, the new mobile plans will only be available to Telenet customers who also use a fixed Telenet product (phone, Internet and/or TV).

The new Kong plan costs € 25 a month, with 4GB, 500 calling minutes and unlimited text messaging. The enhanced King plan costs €15 a month offering 50% more data with 1.5 GB, 150 calling minutes and unlimited text messaging.

Coralie Miserque Porte-parole, Telenet
Isabelle Geeraerts Woordvoerster, Telenet
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