Telenet will switch off the analog radio signal through cable as of 11 February

Telenet will switch off the analog radio signal through cable as of 11 February


  • Clear communication to help everyone change over with The Signal Switch
  • The analog television signal will be switched off from December 2020 



Mechelen, 6 February 2020 – As of Tuesday, 11 February, Telenet will switch off the analog radio signal through cable in Flanders and Brussels. This will take place in phases up to 22 April. Discontinuing this outdated technology will free up space on the cable network for the ever-increasing number of digital applications, such as video streaming, online gaming, sending photos, etc. In order to give all customers sufficient time to obtain the necessary information and find a solution, the operator already provided initial information about this change last fall. All customers received a letter or e-mail with the subject ‘The Signal Switch’, providing further explanations and possible solutions for continuing to listen to the radio.  


The Signal Switch 

In October of last year, Telenet announced that they would discontinue the analog radio and TV signal through cable between 2020 and the end of 2021. Telenet is one of the few operators in Europe that still provides an analog cable TV and radio signal. Fifteen years after the launch of digital television, more than 90% of all customers watch digital TV. At the same time, Internet traffic is increasing by 30 to 40% annually. After deliberation, the company therefore decided to use the analog cores in its cable more efficiently, thereby freeing up space for the ever-increasing digital traffic. Our central concern is to provide clear communication and suitable solutions for everyone. Telenet is aware that switching over to a different signal may not be easy for all customers. The company is committed to provide the best possible assistance to all customers for this switch. 


Switching off analog radio through cable 

The analog radio signal through cable will be switched off in the whole of Flanders and Brussels in several phases between 11 February and 22 April 2020. Only radio devices that are directly connected to the cable network through a domestic wall socket will no longer receive a signal. Listening to the radio in your car will still work, for example. All customers should have received a letter or an e-mail a few weeks in advance, explaining how they can check whether there will be an impact on their radio device. Telenet has no figures about the number of customers who make use of this technology to listen to the radio at home.   


 Solutions for radio 

Several solutions are possible. One is that you can listen to the radio through a Telenet decoder, Internet radio, or DAB+, the latest digital radio standard.  Customers will also still be able to listen to analog radio through a radio antenna. Telenet will provide a free radio antenna to all customers who request one. The communication, the solutions and the impact of switching off the radio signal were tested in the Beringen and Lochristi network regions last fall. The switchover was very smooth there.   


Switching off analog television from December 2020
​Exception: Beringen and Lochristi already in March 2020

The analog television signal through cable will only be switched off from December 2020 onwards. An exception to this are two network regions in Beringen and Lochristi. Here again, Telenet wants to test the communication and the solutions, and to take corrective action where necessary. The analog television signal through cable will be switched off in the Lochristi network region on 4 March, and on 9 March in the Beringen region. These customers received our communication about possible solutions in the last few weeks. From the tests, Telenet wants to learn whether and how the process can be optimized, and whether the communication and the solutions should be better tailored to the customers. 

For a large number of customers, it is sufficient to adjust the setting of their TV set just once. They can then receive their familiar channels through a new digital signal for the same cost of € 18.22 a month. For this to work, however, the customer’s TV set should not be older than ten years. Another solution is to rent a Digicorder or a Digibox. For those who only have analog TV, Telenet offers free rental of the decoder for one year from the start of The Signal Switch.  


Solutions? When is it my turn?  

As far as possible, Telenet aims to reach all its customers through a personal communication by e-mail and letter. On the website, customers will find videos and information to check whether they are still watching or listening analog. They will also find a step-by-step plan on how to adjust the settings of their TV set. In addition, those who do not have Internet access can always get in touch with the contact center (015 66 66 66) for more information and help.  

 From the coming summer, Telenet will provide an online application where, by inputting their customer number, customers can check when the analog signal will be stopped for them.  






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