Security Manager bitten by the bug of diving

Security Manager bitten by the bug of diving

We are all using more and more cloud based solutions, we ‘always’ have access to our applications and files everywhere we go. It's great, but it also exposes us to a number of new threats. Our VAS Security Manager & Technology Leader Serge ensures that our business customers' data is always protected and secure. Yet, he himself likes taking risks, since - brace yourselves- in his spare time he swims amongst sharks to make beautiful photographs!

Serge joined Telenet 5 years ago as a Security Manager to support our B2B account managers. "In 2010, Telenet acquired C-CURE, an internet security specialist, to integrate security solutions into his B2B services. But Telenet's account managers were focused on connectivity and did not yet have sufficient knowledge about security. I was then hired to support the account managers in everything that has to do with security".

All-in-one solutions for companies

In the past, Telenet only offered connectivity (internet) to many companies. But today we offer an 'all-in-one package'. Companies can count on us for telephony, internet and security solutions. Together with his team, Serge focuses on the one hand on attracting new business customers. On the other hand, there are the existing customers whose security solutions need to be constantly monitored and updated.

"Security has been on the rise for the last 4-5 years. Nowadays everything is in the cloud. And as soon as you enter the cloud, all your data is actually in the hackers' playground. New threats are constantly emerging, and more and more solutions are coming onto the market. If you don't do this every day, you won't see the wood for the trees in no time. That's why I regularly attend training courses and seminars, both in Belgium and abroad. It is important to always stay one step ahead with the latest trends and technologies.”

Serge spends about 3 to 4 days a week with the client to find out what his security needs are. The other days he is in the office for meetings with the operations team that implements the security solutions. "We explain what the customer expects from us, and they take care of the architecture and its implementation.”

Bitten by the bug of diving

So, it is Serge's job to expose our business customers to as few threats as possible. However, he does like to look for risks himself! Twice a year he makes a faraway, exotic journey to combine his 3 passions: travelling, photography and diving. In search of the most beautiful, undiscovered beaches and secluded waters where there is still enough fish in the sea and where he can photograph the most beautiful sharks.

Serge has been diving for 15 years now. "I am adventurous and I’ve always been busy with photography. On a family vacation, I followed a dive initiation with the children. Before I knew it I had a new hobby: photographing sharks (and fish).” And he doesn't do that in a cage, but just carefully in open water. "That provides unique photography opportunities. For example the Manta deliberately swims above you because they like the natural massage that the oxygen bubbles give them!”

Together with his wife, Serge also makes documentaries about exotic places where hardly anyone comes: Raja Ampat (Indonia), Socorro (Mexico), Galapagos (Ecuador),... And he regularly gives presentations, for example at diving and aquarium associations.


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