Telenet designs new YUGO bundle entirely around the smartphone

Telenet designs new YUGO bundle entirely around the smartphone

First television offer without decoder and remote control, combined with optimum connectivity

Mechelen, 12 February 2019 -  Streaming YouTube, binge watching new series, being able to discuss De Mol and Blind Getrouwd and, in anticipation of the new season, sharing memes and GIFs of Game of Thrones on WhatsApp: today’s millennials and digital savvies continually switch between screens and platforms for their entertainment. With YUGO, Telenet is focusing on this specific target group. The YUGO app combines as much relevant content as possible and is the starting point for the overall TV experience. Customers watch where and when its suits them, their favorite channels, leading international or local must-see programs. A decoder and remote control are a thing of the past: those who want to watch on the big screen are able to cast at a single click through Google Chromecast or Apple TV. This requires outstanding connectivity, which is why this package comes complete with unlimited fixed Internet and a 20 gigabyte mobile data pool to be distributed across 1 or 2 SIM cards.

A smartphone continually within reach: it’s a familiar sight for many. Often also when watching TV, to simultaneously monitor social media or chat, find programs or films, or obviously as a screen to view content. For a specific target group of digital savvies, the smartphone is now the starting point of their overall TV experience rather than an extension of the TV screen. They combine programs, films and series tailored to their requirements and selected through apps and streaming services. This results in a personal blend of local, much-debated programs (De Mol, Blind getrouwd, The Voice, Temptation Island) supplemented by prominent international series (La Casa de Papel, Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies) and alternated with their favorite YouTube vloggers and clips. They watch what they want, where and when it suits them. To be able to do this, they obviously need a high-performance Internet connection.  It is exactly for this target group that Telenet is launching YUGO.

App replaces decoder and remote control

YUGO aims to respond to the altered entertainment requirements and new TV patterns that are emerging. The YUGO app is the gateway to a completely bespoke television experience. There is no longer a need for a decoder and remote control. The app opens up a mix of popular local and international content in a simple and intuitive manner. Twenty standard channels* are combined with a 7-day period of Terugkijk TV (‘catch-up TV’), straightforward recording options and all Play films and series. Users can swipe seamlessly between everything HBO has to offer, the latest series on local channels and popular content on VICE, Discovery, MTV or Fox. Content is available live and on demand, enabling users to simply watch where, when and how its suits them. Large screens remain important to view series and programs in high quality. The app is specifically designed to accommodate this and makes it possible to cast through Google Chromecast or Apple TV with a single click on the smartphone screen.

Up to 2 SIM cards and fixed Internet

Obviously, seamless connectivity is a must to ensure that this new television package delivers the best possible experience, which is why it is combined with fixed and mobile Internet. YUGO is supplied with a 20 gigabyte data pool, which the customer can distribute between one or two SIM cards. Moreover, the use of the YUGO app is not included in the data pool, to ensure that all the data is available for other applications. At home, the customer communicates through Wi-Fi with unlimited Internet at 200mbps and, if necessary, a Wi-Fi booster free of charge.

The bundle also includes 150 call minutes for each SIM. It is clear that the target group tends to communicate through WhatsApp and Messenger, rather than making frequent phone calls. These apps are also not included in the data pool in order to leave as many minutes as possible for specific times when they do resort to ‘traditional calls’. 

Jeroen Bronselaer, marketing representative at Telenet: “YUGO focuses on the requirements of a specific target group – sometimes referred to as ‘freestylers’ because of their free and easy lifestyle – who watch television in a different way, starting from their central device, the smartphone. We aim to achieve this with a tailored offer that includes local, international, live and on demand content, supported by optimal connectivity. This particular group is currently used to composing their video bundle completely independently. It is not our intention to take on this role again on their behalf, YUGO aims to establish a place in their selection of must-have apps. We aim to allow this product to evolve quickly and dynamically in close collaboration with the target group, thus enriching the channel environments and focusing on the incorporation of other types of content, such as sports. This product also aims to promote our ambition to always offer connected entertainment in the best possible manner, through various choices directed at different target groups. To ensure that our customers gain access to any content that is relevant to them in a single click, in combination with the best mobile and fixed Internet connections.

Digital product with extra digital service

Together with the new YUGO app, Telenet is launching another two additional services that take into account customers’ digital lifestyles. The YUGO version of the general Telenet app can easily be used to scan the Wi-Fi quality at home, so that the customer knows straightaway whether it is adequate to be used successfully with the new package. If not, the app will provide various suggestions to improve the range.

The Ask YUGO bot is a smart Messenger chatbot, which is available at all times to deal with questions concerning YUGO, during both the initial setup and subsequent use.

YUGO will be available from 19 February at a cost of €100/month. A Chromecast is available for €5 to those who haven’t got one yet.


* Channels: Eén, Canvas, Ketnet, VTM, Vitaya, Q2, CAZ, VTM KIDS JR, VTM KIDS, VIER, VIJF, ZES, Discovery Vlaanderen, MTV, Comedy Central , Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, VICELAND, Fox , National Geographic

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