Telenet opts for a brand-new Wi-Fi system and introduces Wi-Fi pods

Telenet opts for a brand-new Wi-Fi system and introduces Wi-Fi pods

  • Telenet 360° Wi-Fi: a dynamic, self-learning system with smart Wi-Fi pods, mesh technology and state-of-the-art Wi-Fi technology: Wi-Fi 6.
  • Combined with the latest Telenet 360° Modem
  • No more frustration when it comes to Wi-Fi: excellent Wi-Fi has never been so smart and easy


27 March 2023 – Our expectations on Wi-Fi are continuously increasing. A few years ago, we mainly wanted to also have a connection in rooms other than the living room. We now expect seamless connectivity anywhere in our home, with the same speed and without hiccups. Telenet is therefore opting for a brand-new, smart and simple Wi-Fi system. Telenet 360° Wi-Fi bundles various components into one strong unit. This makes use of self-steering and smart hardware: the ‘Wi-Fi pods’ always ensure an optimal Wi-Fi signal, and solve problems before you’re even aware of them. They are always interacting with each other and with the latest Telenet 360° Modem via mesh technology. Both the pods and the modem are supported by the latest Wi-Fi technology: Wi-Fi 6.

Internet = Wi-Fi

We connect an ever-increasing number of devices to our wireless network at home. Laptop, smartphone and tablet, but, in addition, also a printer, baby monitor, TV, camera, etc. We also want the Wi-Fi signal to follow us around perfectly everywhere in the house. Nowadays, ‘Internet’ is virtually equal to ‘Wi-Fi’. Due to the improving quality of the videos we are streaming and, of course, the games, the Wi-Fi network also has to process an increasing amount of data. Telenet aims to continue to meet the expectations of the customers when it comes to their Internet connection. That’s why the operator is opting for a brand-new Wi-Fi system. This is constructed around three components that, together, ensure a faster and more stable Internet signal throughout your home. Telenet is launching this system under the heading “Telenet 360° Wi-Fi: the first Wi-Fi system that understands your home”.


Dieter Nieuwdorp, responsible for marketing at Telenet: “Wi-Fi is of crucial importance to the customer experience. Good Wi-Fi results in happy customers. We therefore aim to provide them with the best technology, thereby unburdening our customers to the best of our ability. Installing Wi-Fi throughout your home should be as easy as switching on your TV or vacuum cleaner. We’ve therefore developed a single Internet ecosystem in which all components are aligned to each other. As a result, it’s very easy to install and manage via the Telenet app, and both the customer and customer service have a better overview of the proper operation or any possible malfunctions of the home network.”



Smart and self-steering Wi-Fi pods solve problems even before you’re aware of them yourself

The first Telenet 360° Wi-Fi component consists of the so-called ‘Wi-Fi pods’. These minute devices that you plug into a socket or power strip distribute the signal throughout your home: 360° all around. The Wi-Fi pods contain smart, self-learning software, and both the hardware and software were developed by the American company Plume. Together, they form a dynamic, self-learning system that continuously monitors the Wi-Fi activity at home.

They recognize all the connected devices at home, and register when new ones are added. They can also detect the Wi-Fi pod that provides the best connection when you’re moving about in the house. So what happens if you have different devices online on the same floor? Telenet 360° Wi-Fi automatically distributes the devices over the different pods and the modem, so that each one of them can enjoy an optimal signal. If a baby monitor or the neighbor’s Wi-Fi network causes a disruption, the system automatically picks a better frequency or a less frequented Wi-Fi channel for your devices. The system continuously responds to the network usage, and keeps the Internet traffic on the right track.

Telenet has also integrated this smart software into its Telenet app. As a result, it’s very easy for customers to install the system. In addition, it offers Telenet the possibility of responding faster and better to potential network issues. For example, Telenet can transmit push messages if a Wi-Fi pod is offline or is not in the right position.


Mesh technology ensures an uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal

With the installation of the Wi-Fi pods, we come to a second component: mesh technology that provides an uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience at home. If you’re walking through your home while on a video call, your device switches seamlessly from one Wi-Fi pod to the next. The Wi-Fi pods and modem are connected all the time: they interact with each other all the time, and continuously learn about the best route and frequency for the Wi-Fi traffic at your home. This is quite different from how Wi-Fi boosters operate: they transmit the Internet signal from the modem to another room, but don’t otherwise work together.

The new Telenet 360° modem and Wi-Fi pods support Wi-Fi 6

Thanks to the new Wi-Fi 6 technology, Telenet 360° Wi-Fi is always able to simultaneously provide the fastest and most stable Wi-Fi connection for all your devices. We’re therefore also launching a new Docsis 3.1 modem with Wi-Fi 6, the “Telenet 360° modem”, together with the Wi-Fi 6 Wi-Fi pods. This new technology enables more data to be transmitted simultaneously using radio waves, which makes the communication significantly more efficient and faster.



Ordering and testing Wi-Fi pods
The new Telenet 360° Wi-Fi system can be obtained with every Telenet Internet product as of 27 March. The Wi-Fi pods cost € 3 each per month. On average, one or two pods are required per floor, depending on the size of your home, the number of rooms per floor, the number of interior walls, and the insulation. Customers can try out the system free of charge for three months. In this way, they can also establish exactly how many pods they’ll need. They can order the Wi-Fi pods and the new modem via all Telenet customer channels, including the website, the app and the points of sale.

Customers who are still using the previous generation of Wi-Fi boosters, Telenet Access Points and Wi-Fi Powerlines can continue to use this system, as the two systems are not compatible.


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Wi-Fi boosters, Powerlines, Access Points


Telenet 360° Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi pods

Support Wi-Fi 5 technology

Supports Wi-Fi 6 technology


The Wi-Fi signal is copied from the modem to another room in the home via the electricity network or a UTP cable.


The Wi-Fi signal is transmitted via Mesh, via radio waves or via a UTP cable.

Ensure reach in specific additional rooms in the home.

The hardware continuously interacts, and, in this way, creates a coherent Wi-Fi network throughout the entire house.


The hardware is not dynamic or self-learning. This is why the smartphone in your bedroom, for example, may still continue to connect to the modem downstairs, even though that connection is inferior, rather than with the nearby booster in the corridor.


The system is dynamic and self-learning. It will automatically ensure the connection of your devices to the most relevant Wi-Fi pod, as well as optimally monitoring the Internet traffic, even if you’re moving about in your home.

Don’t take external factors into account after installation.

Continuously takes external factors into account, such as the neighbors’ Wi-Fi network, and jammers such as a baby monitor or a printer. Always automatically selects the best settings to connect your devices.








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