BASE combines its mobile offer with internet and TV

BASE combines its mobile offer with internet and TV

The first 100% mobile offer combining mobile services with internet and television starting at €50 a month.

Monday, February 15, 2021 -

As of Monday, 15 February 2021, BASE customers who have a subscription of €15, €20, €29 or €40, and who choose TADAAM (standard or premium), will benefit from a €5 reduction on their BASE invoice. The operator wants to enter the telecom bundle market step by step, in its own way, and intends to refine and improve its offer gradually, according to its customers’ needs. Available across the country, it will initially only be available online, via the BASE website.

​To develop this offer, BASE has chosen to build on the strength of its mobile network by combining the mobile products and services its customers value with those of TADAAM, a sort of "spin-in" created in 2019 within Telenet, whose internet and TV solution based on mobile technology (4G) has proved successful. However, BASE and TADAAM remain two separate brands, with their own products, sales channels, invoicing and customer service.


With this 100% mobile offer, BASE combines the best of both worlds:


  • Flexibility: customer can choose between the BASE and TADAAM subscriptions that suit him best. Customers can suspend, terminate or reactivate the TADAAM subscription at any time.
  • Simplicity: the customer installs the TADAAM modem and TV box himself in no time at all. No need for a technician or a cable: you only need two power sockets and a good 4G connection. As the subscription is linked to the customer and not his home, he can take the small TADAAM case with him anywhere in Belgium, whether it is for a weekend in the Ardennes or a holiday at the coast. Moreover, ​ the TADAAM TV application, which gives access to all channels on any multimedia device (smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, etc.), is also accessible in all EU countries.
  • A competitive price: a 5 € saving per month on your BASE subscription when the two products are combined. Hence, a BASE 15 customer who opts for the standard TADAAM product at €40 will have access to all services for €50 a month (see table below for more details on the different options available).


According to Gérald Demortier, responsible for the BASE brand at Telenet, there were two key reasons behind this decision: "On the one hand, a customer survey clearly showed what they want is an offer that combines internet and TV with their mobile services, so it was important to respond to this. On the other hand, by focusing on a 100% mobile solution, we wanted to approach the market in our own way, by proposing an offer close to our brand’s DNA, and available throughout the whole country. We are confident in the high quality of our 4G mobile network, in which we have invested significantly in recent years.


To make optimal use of TADAAM, future customers must ensure they have a sufficient 4G mobile connection at their home location . This is why TADAAM has developed the “TADAAM Positioning System” app, which will provide all the necessary indications. Once you become a customer, this application will even tell you the best place to position the modem in your home.


For more information on the different products:





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