Ensuring connectivity for everyone is absolute priority

Ensuring connectivity for everyone is absolute priority

Telenet offers customers extra data volume and more entertainment.


Many companies are taking measures to minimize contact between people and flatten the coronavirus curve in our country. Along with the suspension of schools, closing of universities and after-school activities, this is creating unprecedented situations for many families. Children alternate between learning and boredom, parents between work and childcare, seniors between loneliness and concern about their health. It's a fine balance between continuity and caution. Between prevention of worse and getting on with life.

Telenet understands more than ever the challenge families and businesses are currently facing and is fully committed to making this situation easier and more pleasant for everyone through use of its products and services.


Current data volume doubled for Telenet and BASE

Maintaining contact between families, colleagues, friends and disadvantaged segments of the population is now more important than ever. Therefore, all Telenet and BASE customers will have their current data volume doubled, and this applies for Telenet Business customers too. This will ensure that video conferencing, e-learning and contact with family can run smoothly. For landline internet starting Monday, for mobile starting Tuesday morning, and both until at least 3 April. Completely automatically and at no additional cost.

While traffic on our roads and motorways slows to a trickle, Telenet expects a sharp increase of traffic on the mobile and landline networks in the coming days. The operator will monitor this closely. In these times, keeping all customers connected is the top priority. If additional measures are necessary to ensure this, Telenet will take them, too, and communicate this clearly.


More free entertainment for everyone

Home from school, home-worker or care-giver... in this period everyone will need a little diversion more than ever. Particularly since sports, cultural activities and a visit to the café are currently no longer possible. Therefore, starting Monday, Telenet customers will find a whole selection of free films and series in the TV-theek, as well as on channel 11. This selection includes a mix of local and international programmes, for various audiences. The range of offerings will be further expanded in the coming days.


Continuity for business customers

Various businesses and business owners are being hit hard by the measures taken to prevent spread of the virus. Telenet is doing everything possible to continue helping customers as well as it can in this difficult situation. Customers who want to be sure that all their employees can work from home smoothly and request additional capacity for their VPN connection will be assisted within 24 hours. For companies in the affected sectors that have to close for the coming weeks, temporary suspension of the services is possible. These customers can also request postponement of payment.


John Porter, CEO Telenet: ‘Telecommunication networks are essential infrastructure for keeping the economy and society afloat. It is our task to ensure that both families and companies do not need to worry about getting and staying connected. Our people will therefore do everything humanly possible to help everyone. To help businesses continue working, people to stay connected and minimize the financial concerns. To keep things running as smoothly as possible, take good care of the elderly and keep young people motivated and inspired. Rest assured, we'll get through this together!’


Telenet spokesperson (only for journalists)




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