Nethys and Telenet sign major partnership deal to deliver the VOOmobile offering

Nethys and Telenet sign major partnership deal to deliver the VOOmobile offering

Faced with the need to choose a new partner for its operator VOO from among the various mobile operators, Nethys is delighted to announce the signing of a 5-year agreement with Telenet. This new strategic partnership will enable VOO to further develop its VOOmobile services.

Brussels, February 6, 2018 - As such, cable operator Nethys PLC, which operates under the VOO brand (hereinafter ’VOO’) and Telenet Group Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telenet Group Holding PLC (hereinafter ‘Telenet’, Euronext Brussels: TNET) have concluded an MVNO partnership for the next five years. Since 2013, VOO has been offering its customers mobile services through an agreement with Telenet through Orange Belgium’s[1] network. This agreement is set to end in December 2018. As Telenet now has its own mobile network further to the acquisition of BASE in 2016, the new partnership will be operated across the Telenet network, instead of the Orange network.

VOOmobile has quickly made its mark as one of the major MVNOs in French-speaking Belgium, whilst enabling the VOO brand to provide triple and quadruple play offerings to consumers in Wallonia and Brussels.

Under the terms of this new contract, VOOmobile customers will soon be leaving the Orange mobile network to be accommodated on that of Telenet. All VOOmobile customers will be transferred to the Telenet network during the course of 2018. The contract extends the collaboration between the two companies until 31 December 2023.

Nethys-VOO CEO Stéphane Moreau: ‘The choice of a new MVNO partner was a highly strategic issue for VOO’s future. Mobile phone services are showing massive growth as part of our offering and we needed a quality network as well as conditions that enable us to grow in this sector. Telenet complied with both requirements. Nethys has decided to turn VOO into a full MVNO operator, whilst committing to substantial investments in this respect for 2018’.

Telenet CEO John Porter: ‘We’re delighted to be able to continue our partnership with VOO. VOO is a stable player and well-grounded in the mobile landscape of Wallonia and Brussels. This also confirms our absolute confidence in the future of the virtual operators market, in which we are a reliable and highly skilled partner. In addition, VOO customers will soon be able to enjoy our ultra-modernized network, as almost 90% of our 2800 sites have recently been equipped with the latest 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies.’

VOO division CEO Jos Donvil: ‘We have great ambitions for VOOmobile, so it was very important to us to have a solid partner in place. Telenet has already poured very considerable investments in its mobile network and will continue to do so, which was another deciding element in our choice. The quality of Telenet’s mobile network is rock solid and will help us underpin the very significant growth of the number of VOO customers, by offering them unique connectivity solutions for all household needs, especially through our One product (TV-NET-TEL-VOOmobile).’

About Nethys - VOO

Nethys is a Liége-based company which operates in the areas of telecommunications and content, energy distribution networks and renewable energy and which holds ownership stakes in businesses associated with these activities. The company is home to just under 3,000 staff in Belgium and abroad. Through the VOO brand, Nethys delivers Quadruple Play services (digital TV, superfast broadband Internet, landline and mobile telephone services) in Wallonia and in Brussels with its partner, Brutélé.  For more information, please visit the website WIN is in charge of Nethys’ B2B Telecom activities, and serves as an operator and integrator of ICT solutions for businesses, the public sector and the health care industry. For more information, please visit the website

About the Telenet Group

As a Belgian provider of entertainment and telecommunication services, Telenet Group is striving constantly to give its customers full satisfaction in the digital world. Under the Telenet trademark, the company provides services in digital television, broad-band Internet, and fixed and mobile telephony for residential customers in Flanders and Brussels. Telenet Group also offers mobile telephone services under the BASE trademark at national level. The Telenet Business department, for its part, offers connectivity, hosting, and security solutions for professional markets in Belgium and Luxembourg. More than 3,000 colleagues have a common goal: to make life and work easier and more pleasant. Telenet Group is part of the public limited company Telenet Group Holding SA and is listed on the Brussels Euronext stock exchange under the ticker TNET. For more information, please visit the website For more information on the Telenet partners in general, please visit the website

[1] Contract signed at the time by Telenet Ltd.

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About Telenet Group NV/SA

As a provider of entertainment and telecommunication services in Belgium, Telenet Group is always looking for the perfect experience in the digital world for its customers. Under the brand name Telenet, the company focuses on offering digital television, high-speed Internet and fixed and mobile telephony services to residential customers in Flanders and Brussels.

Under the brand name BASE, it supplies mobile telephony in Belgium. The Telenet Business department serves the business market in Belgium and Luxembourg with connectivity, hosting and security solutions. More than 3,000 employees have one aim in mind: making living and working easier and more pleasant.

Telenet Group is part of Telenet Group Holding NV and is quoted on Euronext Brussel under ticker symbol TNET. For more information, visit Liberty Global - one of the world’s leading converged video, broadband and communications companies, innovating and empowering people in six countries across Europe to make the most of the digital revolution – owns a direct stake of 57.3% in Telenet Group Holding SA/NV (excluding any treasury shares held by the latter from time to time).

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