Telenet & BASE launch eSIM for smartphones 

Telenet & BASE launch eSIM for smartphones 

Thursday, February 29, 2024 - Telenet and BASE are launching eSIM for smartphones. eSIM has already been available for smartwatches since 2020, with Telenet being the first to offer this service in Belgium, and now this service is expanding to include smartphones. 

eSIM as a replacement for the physical SIM card 

An eSIM is a built-in digital SIM card that allows you to connect to your mobile provider's network. If you use an eSIM, you no longer need a physical SIM card. You simply download your eSIM profile, which contains all the necessary software to access your provider's mobile network.  

Back in 2020, Telenet was the first operator in Belgium to invest in eSIM for smartwatches, the so-called "Telenet One Number" service. It allows customers to ‘share’ the mobile data, call minutes and text messages of their mobile plan with their smartwatch. Now an extension, eSIM for smartphones, is being added for Telenet and BASE residential and SOHO customers. The service will be available for Telenet Business SME and LE customers as from the second half of April this year. 

eSIM: nothing but benefits 

eSIM is enabling Telenet and BASE to accelerate the digitalization of their services. Customers can now order a new subscription online and install the eSIM on their phones moments later. New BASE customers can even order and activate a new mobile subscription in less than two minutes, entirely via the My BASE app on their mobile phone.  

eSIM is consequently making the process of becoming a customer a lot simpler, also because it is no longer necessary to send a physical SIM card by mail. 

Multiple eSIMs on one smartphone are also possible and there is no longer a need for separate physical slots in the device. This is a particularly interesting application for customers who want to have both their professional and private numbers on the same smartphone. eSIM makes this possible even though most of these phones have only one physical SIM slot. Customers can easily switch with just a few clicks between the eSIMs installed on their smartphone. 

 eSIM is also beneficial for the environment since it requires less plastic and eliminates the need for the manufacturing and physical transportation of the actual SIM cards. 

The service is completely free for Telenet and BASE customers. 

Dieter Nieuwdorp, Chief Commercial Officer, Residential & SOHO at Telenet:

“We are excited to continue with the innovation of our mobile services after being the first in Belgium to launch eSIM for smartwatches in 2020. By expanding to smartphones, we are implementing another significant step in the digitalization of our services for Telenet and BASE customers. Physical SIM cards are a thing of the past, mobile customers are migrating online and the use of different mobile numbers on one smartphone is made possible in just a few clicks.”
Bart Boone
Bart Boone Woordvoerder, Telenet




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