Telenet launches ‘Check & Smile’ and unburdens customers on a hyper-individual level thanks to data and AI technology innovation

Telenet launches ‘Check & Smile’ and unburdens customers on a hyper-individual level thanks to data and AI technology innovation

  • ‘Check & Smile’ formulates customer advice automatically with the help of advanced data and AI technology.
  • Almost 100,000 customers have already activated ‘Check & Smile’

Mechelen, 20 June 2024. Telenet’s two million customers can now check for themselves whether their products and services are working optimally using the ‘Check & Smile’ tool in the MyTelenet app. If things can be improved, users can quickly get a personalized solution in a few clicks. Sometimes, problems are even solved proactively, before the user even notices. Innovatively, thanks to data and predictive AI models, Telenet can now propose individual-level solutions for each customer fully automatically. ​

Imagine that you, as a Telenet customer, have an outdated modem. Or are not utilizing all your subscriptions in the most efficient way. Or the network connection in your home could be better. Or you perhaps aren’t surfing safely. At a glance, customers can get solutions to all these issues using the new app feature. What’s more, customers themselves will not have to ring Telenet’s bell for it to adjust its services. From now on, Telenet itself will come up with suggestions and customized solutions to better tailor the products and services of the customer to their needs – on a hyper-individual level. Just call it customer service 2.0.

Dieter Nieuwdorp, Chief Commercial Officer, Residential & SOHO Telenet:

To respond to the individual needs of our customers even better, we made the sharp decision over five years ago to radically revamp our service approach toward our customers. The effective transformation to a state-of-the-art IT system was crucial. The transition to that new system has had teething problems that have prevented us from providing a small portion of our customers with the service they have come to expect from us over the past year. Today, we are turning that page. The system is now on point, which ensures that it brings automated improvements to services tailored to each individual customer.”

The fact that there is still potential to give users a better customer experience is evidenced by data collected by Telenet itself. Barely 1 in 10 customers activated the freely included SafeSurf feature, and only 1 in 5 activated SafeSpot+, with which you can install anti-phishing software. At the same time, 8% of customers still have an outdated modem in their homes.

“A hyper-individualized customer experience thanks to data and predictive AI”

The brand new ‘Check & Smile’ feature is free and has been built into the MyTelenet app. Telenet invested in the predictive AI technology behind it together with VLAIO (Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen), as the app is powered by insights derived from data to which Telenet applies artificial intelligence. Innovatively, Telenet combines the insights it derives from its customer data with the automatic formulation of suggestions in the app. In other words, customers can solve a problem or respond to a suggestion with a single click. And so the process is completely automated.

Customer care 2.0

The new approach doesn’t just apply to the MyTelenet app. Telenet has also already started to proactively approach ​ customers if it notices that they are not solving network-related problems themselves using the app. Telenet then contacts these customers with a proposed solution. Sometimes, customers can solve the issue on their own. In other cases, a technician may come by.

“Customers’ expectations are completely different than, say, 10 years ago, especially since the coronavirus pandemic, which increased home-based working exponentially. Today, customers expect their telecom providers to proactively approach them and respond to their individual needs. This is now possible thanks to our innovative and advanced data and AI platforms”. Dieter Nieuwdorp, Chief Commercial Officer, Residential & SOHO Telenet

Telenet would like to emphasize that it has consistently pursued such innovation since its inception 25 years ago. It is in the company's DNA, so to speak, to be a frontrunner. And it is precisely this way that Telenet will make a difference, both now and in the future.

Bart Boone
Bart Boone Woordvoerder, Telenet




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