Telenet partners with digital energy platform ‘June Energy’

Telenet partners with digital energy platform ‘June Energy’


  • June Energy focuses on innovative digital solutions to provide customers with insight into their energy rate and usage.
  • This is in line with Telenet’s strategy of unburdening customers as much as possible, and providing them with guidance in their digital lifestyle.


11 august 2022 - Telenet is to enter into a partnership with June Energy, the provider of innovative digital solutions to make the energy usage of consumers transparent. June also offers its services to other companies, so they can give their customers personal and targeted advice on energy rates and consumption.Via a capital injection, Telenet will invest three million euros in the company. This investment will enable June Energy to accelerate their further product developments. The partnership helps Telenet to strengthen its range of digital services aimed at making life easier.


June Energy: digital management for complex yet everyday issues

In addition to its extensive investments in efficient connectivity networks, Telenet is actively focusing on providing smart products and services. The company is thereby looking beyond the traditional Internet, TV and telephony services. Telenet’s aim is to play a more central role in the digital life of the consumer. In this context, Telenet is continuously looking for partnerships relating to digital applications that solve social problems and simplify the life of the consumer.

Through its participation in June Energy, Telenet is now entering the energy market for the first time. Telenet is investing three million euros, which enables June Energy to further expand their products. June Energy is in search of innovative digital solutions that will provide customers with a better insight into their energy rate and usage. Through personalized insights and self-learning algorithms, June Energy is continuously improving the analyses of the energy usage of its customers. Based on these, they provide clear and concrete advice in connection with relevant energy investments, and propose an automatic switch to the most promising energy provider. As a result, their customers can automatically save on their energy bill, and more room is created for investment in smart, sustainable energy.

A win-win

For Telenet, this partnership provides a complete fit with its strategy of guiding consumers in terms of rather complex, yet everyday issues that can be simplified by digital applications. Today’s energy market is complicated: consumers are increasingly starting to produce, inject or store energy themselves. Digital applications could bring added value here by simplifying all the relevant data and providing guidance to customers. Telenet spotted a win-win here: Via June Energy, Telenet will, in time, be able to provide its customers with a service that enables them to easily manage their energy data, and to optimize their energy rate in this way. Telenet can, in turn, support June in opening up the marketing of their product to a broader public, and to roll it out on a larger scale.

In addition, services such as June Energy are helping to sensitize the issue of energy usage, while encouraging the customer to opt for more sustainable energy solutions. The investment in June therefore also matches the environmental and climate strategy of Telenet. This strategy is aimed at increasing energy efficiency and limiting carbon emissions, in both their own operations and in the entire value chain of Telenet.


John Porter, CEO Telenet: “By working together with young, customer-focused and innovative companies such as June Energy, we continue to stay at the forefront of the digital world. June Energy has a unique combination of extensive knowledge of the consumer, the energy market and the technology, and is able to combine these in a service with a great deal of potential. The partnership with June Energy provides us with the opportunity to explore the energy market, and to open up further insights. At the same time, we’ll be able to support our customers with a clearly-defined consumer issue.”
Vincent De Dobbeleer, CEO of June Energy: “We are very pleased with the Telenet partnershipbecause their strategy with regard to the unburdening of the consumer aligns perfectly with our vision of the future of the energy market. In the current, complex market development, June Energy is continuously looking for ways to help its customers to reduce their energy bill. Our customers are thereby automatically switched between energy suppliers if this means a saving for them, but they also obtain targeted advice in terms of energy investments in their home. In view of the current development of the energy prices, it becomes even more crucial to optimize the management of energy services. Thanks to the Telenet participation, we’ll be able to reach even more consumers, and help them to optimize their energy usage."


Guidance and unburdening through various partnerships

In recent years, Telenet has already built up partnerships involving innovative services in various sectors. In 2013, for example, it contributed to the foundation of Doccle, a digital document and data safe where, in the meantime, more than 2.2 million Belgians safely store, consult or edit administrative documents. We have a similar story with regard to Itsme, the app enabling consumers to prove their digital identity in order to access various online services, which has existed since 2017. But Telenet is also exploring the role it can play in unburdening and guiding customers in other sectors. Last year, the company entered into a joint venture with the construction company Willemen, focusing on total home solutions for tenants, and including services relating to utilities, cleaning services, car and bike parts, etc. Telenet also sells services via its website, such as a ‘smart doorbell’ and ‘smart package box’, thus addressing the social issue of home deliveries.




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