The Park Playground launches fully wireless VR experiences for big groups, powered by HTC VIVE

The Park Playground launches fully wireless VR experiences for big groups, powered by HTC VIVE

Following an extensive testing phase, HTC VIVE and The Park Playground achieve the first full transition to mobile-based VR to meet the needs of location-based entertainment


Frankfurt am Main, 27 October 2022 - HTC VIVE, the leading virtual reality (VR) platform, and The Park Playground, the immersive VR experiences provider, are excited to announce the first-of-its-kind transition to fully wireless VR experiences across The Park Playground’s venues in Europe and on location which have welcomed over 260,000 users to date. These mobile-led VR experiences enabled by the HTC VIVE Pro Focus 3 headset have seen 75,000 test users so far.



A 9-month testing phase to refine the product proposition led HTC VIVE and The Park Playground to be the first to make wireless mobile VR possible for location-based entertainment (LBE), which has evolving needs and customer expectations. Developing the HTC VIVE Pro Focus 3 headset - one of the most frequently used headsets for LBE events and venues – the two companies eliminated the need for players to wear hardware as backpacks. With a set-up that streams VR content directly to the mobile device, players are given more freedom to immerse themselves in the VR environment. As a result, this native solution allows LBE providers to create new unrestricted experiences.

The longstanding partnership has seen The Park Playground share unique insights to support HTC VIVE’s product development across both hardware and software – in particular within the LBE space.

“The Park Playground has been an interesting partner for us since we first collaborated in 2018, because it attracts people of all ages with its exclusive VR adventures, not just gamers and tech enthusiasts. This allows us to make our products accessible to a wide audience and get their feedback,” said Fabian Nappenbach, Director Product Marketing HTC VIVE EMEA. “The partnership has also had a positive impact on our VR product development. Our research and development teams have a close relationship with companies like The Park Playground. Their input helps tremendously to drive the technology and also our LBE software.”
“Industry-leading providers, such as HTC VIVE, enable exciting innovations in technology, gameplay, and storytelling and together, we’ve been able to offer even better VR experiences that drive customer satisfaction,” said Peter Vindevogel, CEO at The Park Playground. “As a result, we’ve substantially scaled the technology by rolling it out over 10 of our locations, allowing up to 8 players per play area. Not only does this mark a significant step in our technology offering as we expand our footprint across the world, but it also signifies a new era for VR consumption as it becomes richer and easier than ever before.”

A future roadmap for VR innovation, driven by HTC Vive and The Park Playground

The launch of fully wireless VR experiences follows HTC VIVE and The Park Playground’s collaboration with Vodafone last year, which saw the companies organise a 5G gaming competition to test the possibilities of 5G-enabled VR experiences. Bringing two remote teams together from the North and South of the Netherlands, the project proved how 5G’s low latency, high bandwidth, and high data speeds enables VR gaming across locations – and how it’ll drive the future of VR gaming.

HTC relies on the co-creation principle and uses feedback from partners such as The Park Playground for the development of its technology, including the HTC VIVE Focus 3 headset. The VIVE Focus 3 features 5K visuals, a 120-degree field of view, 90Hz refresh rate, balanced ergonomics with removable batteries and easy-to-clean, magnetically attached face gaskets.

The new VIVE Location Based Software Suite (LBSS) has also been adapted for different application areas and constantly offers new features. In LBE mode, the VIVE Focus 3 can enlarge single-tracking areas of up to 1,000 m2 (33 m x 30 m) - roughly the size of four adjacent tennis courts - while providing smooth, free-moving inside-out 6DoF tracking with sub-millimeter accuracy.

Surrounding maps can be used by multiple headsets simultaneously for multi-user experiences. Visual Odometry (VO) allows users to bypass the environment setup process so they can jump straight into the 6DoF experience as soon as they put on their headsets. This enables them to immediately use LBE or VR-based programs in different environments.




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​The Park has received more than 260,000 visitors. At The Park you can escape reality for a while with friends, family, colleagues, during a friend activity, family trip or as team building. The players themselves determine the course of the storyline during the game. The Park itself develops the experiences that visitors can play. They are accessible to all age groups. At The Park, you can go mole-hunting in The Mole (based on well-known TV format), free hostages as a real SWAT team in The Heist or scare and chase zombies in The Hallow:





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